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 Cello Studio Policy


Mission Statement

My mission is to develop musicians capable of teaching themselves.   By providing excellent instruction in technique, theory, and musicality, my goal at every lesson is to nurture the skills needed for freedom of expression and communication and collaboration with others.  Through music we gain abilities relevant to all facets of life:  independent and critical thinking, discipline, and most importantly a confident sense of self.


Lessons are scheduled weekly on Monday through Friday to end no later than 7pm.  Lessons may be scheduled on Monday holidays so please confirm.  No lessons will be scheduled during extended school  holidays like Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break.  Summer lessons are strongly encouraged and twice-weekly lessons are available. Summer lessons are scheduled Monday through Friday 10am - 7pm.



Invoices are sent prior to the first lesson of each month via QuickBooks. Payment is due by the first lesson of each month and the date is reflected on the invoice. The upcoming month's schedule will be agreed upon before invoices are sent and the amount due will reflect any conflicts of the student and teacher. Payment can be made directly with Intuit QuickBooks through the emailed invoice or with a bank transfer, PayPal, or Venmo.

Tardiness Policy

Please call or text safely if you will be late to your lesson.  Your lesson will not be extended beyond the original end time except under extenuating circumstances.


Cancellation Policy

Please be early or on time for your scheduled lesson.  There is no refund or reschedule offered for same-day cancellations and late arrivals.  This includes illness and unforeseen work or school related events. Notice must be received by 7pm the evening prior to the lesson in order for a lesson to be re-scheduled.  Make-up lessons should take place within ten days and are subject to the instructor's availability.  Make-ups can be scheduled any day of the week if there is space available.  Make-up lessons can take place either online or in person. While make-ups are offered, students may not use a credit from a missed lesson to reduce the tuition for a subsequent month. 


If I must cancel, I will offer to reschedule the lesson at a mutually acceptable time.  If that is not possible, a fee adjustment will be made the following month.

Protocol for Health and Safety in Our Community: Masks are optional at this time. This policy may change if necessitated by community spread of disease. If anyone in your house becomes ill with Covid, Influenza, or other virus, is experiencing untested Covid-like symptoms, or has been exposed to Covid we will reschedule or switch to having an online lesson until the risk of transmission is over. If you come to a lesson and you are obviously ill you will be sent home with no make-up. It is in your best interest to switch to online even if it is last-minute. All in-person attendance is at your own risk. I will ask students to reschedule or move online if I have been exposed to Covid or have become ill with Covid, the flu or any other cold or respiratory illness.

Practice and Performance

Students who commit to daily practice and are engaged in the process of learning will have the most success, confidence, and enjoyment in playing.  All school-aged students are encouraged to perform an accompanied solo at the annual Spring Studio Recital and participate in group classes or performance events as they are offered.


Sheet Music and Resources

Students must be prepared for their lessons and arrive with their cello, bow, a folder of loose sheet music, music books, assignment book, and glasses if needed.  Some music is provided, but most music will need to be purchased by the student.  A complete music list and resources page is available.


Termination of Lessons

If you decide to no longer take lessons or to take a break from lessons please notify me a month in advance so that I may plan ahead with my schedule. 


Other Teachers

If you are considering switching to another teacher or working concurrently with another teacher let me know.  I am open to communicating about what you need from your learning experience and it may be that we just need to get on the same page about what our goals are for your studies.  Please honor my commitment to my students by communicating with me and helping to make the journey of learning and any transitions to another teacher a positive experience. 


I want my students to have the best learning experience possible so if we decide you need a different perspective then allow me to help you find another highly qualified teacher for either a single lesson or for continued study.  As part of exposing my students to a variety of techniques and interpretations I often encourage students to perform for some of my colleagues.  Let me know when you are consulting with another teacher so that I am aware of any new or different techniques on which you are working.  

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